Behind the online gambling website Yuantong reselling the express bill: first-class hardware

On October 22, Yuantong formally apologized to customers, and admitted that it had found out that it had been reselling the news of Yuantong Express.

Earlier, an inquiry visit of “Yuantong’s millions of customer messages were promptly sold out and suspected of having ghosts” showed that: within YTO, it is suspected that an employee sold the account and password that I logged into the company’s internal system to others for reading and ordering. No. news, the formation of the express single number trading website “single number Tao” and other sites can update millions of Yuantong express single number messages in time, and the recipient’s detailed messages are all on the Internet at a glance.

Yuantong immediately reported the case to the door, and adopted methods such as urgent investigation, promotion of the system and enhanced handling of safe wars. On November 5th, Yuantong Express President Xiang Feng said in an interview with reporters that although the inner ghost has been caught, it is difficult to say whether the gap can only be one place, “After all, there is an external hypocrisy trading market, it will be beneficial. Drive to break the obstacles of the management system to get news. “

The reporter then inquired about the IT systems and management systems of many express delivery companies and found that Chinese express delivery companies are far away from the standard operation.

First-class hardware

Express companies frequently send out personal news leaks, can it be due to the degree of IT system?

“The source of the news leak is definitely not a problem of the IT system. If it is a system problem, the scale of the leak will not be as low as the hidden level.” Liu Jiaqing, IT director of the Zhaijiying Information Department, hinted to reporters that the electronics of domestic express delivery companies The message system, hardware and software are not far away from the foreign countries. The problem is that they cannot keep up. During the interview, a number of express companies and industry experts held their first views.

For example, Yuantong allegedly invested hundreds of millions of dollars to launch the King Kong system built by IBM last year; SF Express uses the independently developed Asura system, with more than 2,000 IT staff alone; Zhaijiying uses a strategy with Japanese UF Competing BOS system, using UFIDA UAP platform to create an integrated messaging platform.

Other easy-to-run courier companies are almost using the domestic courier system platforms developed by several domestic technology companies. Such as the K8 and E3 systems developed by Shenzhen Zhitengda and Minsida, as well as the Huixia system.

Liu Jiaqing thought that the message system of the four major international giants was at the highest level, domestic SF Express was at the second level, and other domestic express delivery companies were at the third level. The biggest difference between the third gear and the first two is not in the technical warfare structure, but in the connection between business and management.

For pending promotion

Dealing with problems is the most urgent issue that disturbs the growth of domestic express delivery companies.

The reporter exchanged information with international express delivery companies such as DHL, TNT and FedEx, and learned that whether they are running cores or office buildings, the access control of these companies is quite strict. There are different access cards for the staff of the police station on different matters, and it stipulates an unlimited area of ​​activity. Once the employee exceeds the area of ​​his activity, the access control will not be released. The company’s intranet system has also been set a lot of thresholds for browsing.

Two Chinese directors of diversified foreign express delivery companies told reporters that my authority is very limited in browsing materials inside the company, and I can’t see any customer or business news.

TNT Express Global External Communication’s director hinted to reporters that TNT has a strict customer message confidentiality system, and the entire staff provides confidential third-party images containing customer messages. In normal business, as long as a few employees have access to customer information as necessary. In addition, they must log in to collect internally with their account.

Chen Huan, the person in charge of the public relations department of SF Express Group, also told reporters that SF’s intranet browsing permissions are classified, and those who have non-business parts of regular online gambling sites have no choice but to check. As for the waybill query system related to customer messages, the checklist authority control is set. Permissions are set to grades, and post and driver posts ca n’t be logged in. The person in charge of the branch can apply for viewing, but the download is limited to the department ’s instinct function. There is a query track in the system, and this waybill can be seen. The inquiries are true, all these can only be hidden in the company’s intranet.

Yuantong Express President Xiang Feng also claimed that the company has an access control system and management system comparable to foreign express delivery companies. Some of the permissions of the online gambling website messaging system even do not even have him as the president himself, and have no choice but to check it.

However, in an undercover interview, the reporter found that each express company’s retail outlets did not pay as much attention and level to the messaging system as its regulatory requirements.

A Yuantong store in Xiangyang District, the reporter found that the shop’s young desk was placed in the lobby on the first floor, facing the gate, and the desktop computer was connected to the Yuantong system. However, the main facility does not have any obstructions. Shopkeepers often go outside to help other couriers load and unload packages, and people in the hall come and go.

Is similar to Quanfeng Express, Yunda Express and other companies on the same street, and the environment of their computer facilities on the online gambling site.

The reporter exchanged with the courier staff of the above-mentioned company and found that the first-line courier did not take over the so-called message safety training. The classification of the company’s office area is not so harsh, and there is no such environment in some areas and in some areas. Even if someone violates the rules, the company has not really done any harsh punishment.

After the leak of Yuantong leaked out, the National Post Bureau urged companies to carry out reflection and strengthen handling. Yuantong Zhanyunda made it publicly. In addition to investigating and punishing sources of news leaks across the entire network, it also signed confidential battle talks with employees of franchise stores and violators. Offenders were either liquidated or handed over to the structure.

Behind the online gambling website Yuantong reselling the express bill: first-class hardware

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