Online gambling website access package is not equal to the actual price of mobile phone retailers rush consumers

Public network Zaozhuang March 11 (correspondent Zhang Donglei reporter Xu Xiaohan) The retail price of the mobile phone marked on the confession announcement is 2,348 yuan, while the hidden price of the mobile phone is 2,558 yuan, and the “moisture” in this is as high as 200 yuan. Recently, Mr. Liu, a consumer, has been bumped by the mobile phone retailer’s trance-priced “word game”. The confession announcement is marked with a lower “network access package price” to attract “popularity”, which has once become the main marketing method of some mobile phone retailers, and the market price of mobile phones sometimes differs by hundreds of dollars. In this regard, the Municipal Consumers Association clearly pointed out that the mobile phone retailer’s actions should be suspected and consumers should be given.

On the morning of March 10th, Mr. Liu was receiving a confession announcement from a mobile phone hypermarket in Motou. Among them, there is a Motorola A1200 phone that Mr. Liu has long loved. It is more than 200 yuan cheap, which makes Mr. Liu excited. When the national warfare book was written, Mr. Liu took care of Yinjin and hurriedly arrived at this mobile phone hypermarket. However, what surprised Mr. Liu was that the quotation price of 2348 yuan was only the so-called network package price. That is to say, if he wanted to buy a mobile phone at this price, he must first buy a SIM card and pre-store 100 yuan. For phone bills, the designated package business can be purchased, and it can be purchased at 68 yuan for a mobile phone charger, otherwise it can only be purchased at the market price of 2558 yuan. “But the confession announcement didn’t declare the order of the Internet access package?” Mr. Liu. After being prompted by the discontinued staff, Mr. Liu found that there was a very small line of text at the bottom of the confession announcement, “The above models are all network package prices, and the shop reserves the right to final comment”, which allows Mr. Liu to In response to the feeling, “the relevant part really should control this kind of hypocritical price move”, Mr. Liu said goodbye. Online gambling sites send bonuses

Recently, the reporter’s main city consumer association learned that the “Clear Code Price Management Method” has been implemented since March 1, this year. It is understood that if the price is marked with the premise of fulfillment, the font should be the same as or larger than the price. Understand the additional premises of the marked price, the operator shall not accept any unmarked expenses. It is obvious that the practice of the mobile phone store violates the above, and its use of the “preservation of the final annotation right” as a reason to compete with the consumer’s right to know and the right to buy and sell has been suspected. In this regard, consumers can report and praise to the price, consumer association and other parts, with their own authority. Online gambling website

Relevant link: Article 9 of the “Clear Code Marking Method” The operator or charging unit shall not sell goods or provide services at a price beyond the marked price, and shall not receive any unmarked costs. Article 51 If the price or charge is marked with additional premises such as donation and fulfillment prerequisites, chain services, etc., the price and charge marking shall be the same or larger font and other eye-catching methods to understand the price prerequisite.

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Online gambling website access package is not equal to the actual price of mobile phone retailers rush consumers

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