Jiahui patented water shrinkable coal seam water injection hole sealer

Water pressure type hole sealer for drawing gas

Immediate expansion type gas drainage and hole sealing device

Model: FKSW-80 / 4

Security code: MEI120051

  1. Uses:

Inject water into the coal body to exhaust gas.

Second, the effect:

  1. Discharge gas swiftly to improve the safety factor. Who can effectively prevent coal seam gas bulge and explosion.
  2. Moisture enters the coal body, and some gas, invalid lowering the gas content of the coal body.
  3. After the water injection reaches the result, it can reduce the dust by more than 80%, improve the work of the workers, and prevent the explosion and chaos of the dust and gas joint.
  4. Layout:

The hole sealer is composed of high-pressure rubber expansion hose, two-end steel pipe, sliding seal joint and water injection joint.

Fourth, the technical parameters:

Sealing hole diameter: 65 ~ 150mm (can be processed according to user needs)

Work pressure: 1 ~ 10MPa (can be processed according to user needs)

Flow rate: 5 to 8 tons of water can be injected per hour, depending on the concentration and pressure of gas drainage.

Sealing depth: 1m ~ 3m

Coefficient of hose expansion: 60%

V. Utilization methods and matters needing attention:

  1. The use of water-expandable gas drainage sealer is concise and simple. As long as the homework hidden field water is connected to the hole sealer, the hole sealer is completely inserted into the drill hole. Under certain pressure, the hole sealer hose expands to hide the hole, and it can be connected to the gas drainage tube for gas drainage And water injection.
  2. The water-expandable hole sealer can be used several times frequently. After the water injection is completed, the pressure is removed, and the hole sealer can return to the recovery state and exit the hole sealer.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to operate under pressure when inserting the hole sealing device and receiving the hole sealing device.

Technical parameters of the hydraulic pressure hole sealer for gas drainage:

Jiahui patented water shrinkable coal seam water injection hole sealer

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